MedStart PitchFest 2016

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Stage: Competition Finished


  1. Submissions may be made by an individual or a group of individuals as a team. However the team size should not exceed 5 people. It should be noted that it is difficult for a large group of people to deliver an effective pitch.
  2. Each team/individual will only submit and pitch one original idea/product/service.
  3. Pitch competitors may not participate on multiple teams.
  4. The competition is open to all irrespective of age, background etc.


Ideas/Products and IP

  1. Ideas to be pitched must be in the early stages of development.
  2. Ideas are only eligible if it is originated from one or more of the members of the team. The IP belongs solely to the applicants.
  3. They should be suitable for funding at some point in the future and should not violate intellectual property rights as far as the team members are aware.
  4. The program is open to teams that may rely upon IP owned by third parties, such as patented technology developed by companies or Universities. It is not necessary at the time of entry to have negotiated licenses or other agreements to use these ideas.
  5. Business ideas should be pitched by independent ventures in the pre-startup phase.
  6. The business should not have received funding exceeding $20,000 or have distributed controlling percentage of shares to investors who are not a part of the pitching team.
  7. Each team must have all members of the original team attend the conference if they move on to the final round.
  8. In preparing the pitch, the teams must consider the following: What is the product or service? What need does it fulfill? What is the primary market and what is the size and scope of that market? What are the compelling attributes that differentiate your product or service from others that address the same need? How will your business make money? How much startup capital do you need and what are your revenue projections? If relevant, what have you achieved already?
  9. Confidentiality is not guaranteed and if a team wishes to keep an aspect of their pitch confidential then it should not be included in the submitted pitch video or documents.
  10. Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) between a competitor and the judges and/or audience members will not be required or allowed.


Competition Structure and Rules

Items for Submission in Round One

  1. Each team must submit a 5 minute video pitching the idea for their startup considering the questions listed in the previous section.
  2. Each team must also submit an executive business summary (max 2,000 words). Summary should be in word (.doc/.docx) or PDF format. No other format will be accepted.
  3. Submissions will open on October 11, 2016. All submissions must be made through the portal at Submissions made via any other medium will not be accepted.
  4. Deadline for submissions is 11:59PM on November 17, 2016. No submissions will be accepted beyond this deadline.


Structure of Round One

  1. Pitches will be judged by the MedStart Team and a panel of Tufts School of Medicine faculty members.
  2. Winners for round 1 will be notified via email by 11:59PM on 18th November, 2016.
  3. If participating teams make it through to the final round they will be required to attend the Tufts MedStart conference on 3rd December, 2016.


Items for Submission in Final Round

  1. Finalists will have to give a 5 minute powerpoint presentation to a live panel of judges on the conference day (3rd December, 2016) at the Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA.
  2. The powerpoint presentation slide deck must be submitted to the portal at (link) by 30th November, 2016. Only .ppt/.pptx files can be uploaded. No other format will be accepted.


Structure of Final Round

  1. Each finalist will give a 5 minute in-person presentation followed by a 5 minute Q&A session with the judges.
  2. Judges will be given the finalists’ executive summaries a week in advance as background to the pitches. Ensuring that the idea in the presentation is the same as presented in the executive summary is therefore in your best interest.


Tufts MedStart reserves the right to make unilateral decisions regarding eligibility, which will be be final.

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